Pay your credit card bills from other savings accounts

It is the last day for payment of your credit card dues and you can’t move from your desk  are tied-up real bad and your boss is screwing ur life plus you do not have a savings account with the bank which provided you with the credit card. Then how would you make your payment, well you’ll find that in this blog post.

Seeing the struggles of my friend I decided to check out on how to make your credit card bill payments online from other savings accounts. This is what i found out

For all those ppl out there who want to know how to pay credit card bills from other savings accounts, here’s some information that i could gather for ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Citi, SCB, Barclays, HSBC, PNB and Axis Bank.

All you have to do is select the bank in which you have your savings account , enter your credit card details, authenticate your payment details and then obtain a transaction confirmation (you should be registered for netbanking with your savings a/c bank to be able to do this -mind you)

Here’s the link for ICICI Cards:

Here’s the link for HDFC cards:

Here’s the link for SBI cards:

Here’s the link for Citibank Cards:

Here’s the link for Standard Chartered Bank Cards:

Here’s the link for HSBC Cards:

Here’s the link for Barclays Cards:

Here’s the link for PNB Cards:

Axis Bank Credit Card payment:

From the above links you must’ve observed that most of these guys have tie-up with Billdesk. Axis Bank does not specifically have any tie-up with billdesk or any other payment gateway for that matter but from what I can gather from the blog posts and sites on the net is that you can make Axis Bank Credit Card payment through the regular NEFT option in your savings account. The procedure is as listed below:

Login to the Internet Banking facility of your desired bank account and select its National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) option. Enter the following information correctly while transferring funds to make your Credit Card bill payment using NEFT facility:

Beneficiary Name –    Name as on Credit Card
Beneficiary Bank Name – Axis Bank
Beneficiary Branch Name – Mumbai
Beneficiary Account Number – Your 16 digit Credit Card number
IFSC Code – UTIB0000400

That’s it.

I believe this covers the majority of the credit card guys. Please let me know if any of you guys can add anymore to it…i shall update the same on the blogpost.

Adios Amigos

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